Doing Whole Body Cryotherapy before any vigorous sports and activities improves performance and energy.

  • Triathlons
  • Marathons & Running
  • Football / Soccer / Volleyball / Swimming / Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Tough Mudders

Prescribed BEFORE Treatment Protocol

Prescribed treatment is 3 minutes in Whole Body Cryotherapy within two hours in advance of workout.

Prescribed treatment  protocol for any vigorous sports / activities is three consecutive days BEFORE the competition.

Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions AFTER any vigorous sports or activities helps accelerate muscle regeneration, reduces inflammation and aids in injury repair.

Prescribed Cryotherapy Treatment Protocol

Prescribed treatment is 3 minutes in Whole Body Cryotherapy Sauna,  2 or 3 days consecutively AFTER a workout or vigorous sports or activity.


Whole Body Cryotherapy helps the body recover after intense exercise by prompting the body to release anti-inflammatory proteins and other muscle-repairing chemicals into the body then delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles-reducing inflammation.


You may be surprised to learn that your fitness performance maybe be correlated with your cognitive mental abilities, including concentration and memory. Better concentration keeps you focused on your sports and fitness goals, and makes you overall more productive.

Disclaimer:  Whole Body Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for athletic recovery, pain management, inflammation reduction and skin improvement.   Numerous peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy.   It is not a medical procedure, and all clients of Fort Lauderdale Cryotherapy Center should first check with their medical professionals to confirm whether Whole Body Cryotherapy is appropriate for their health.