If you’ve ever suffered from a temporary injury like a strained back or joint, you’ve likely resorted to classic remedies like rest, ice, and compression. Today, there are other safe and natural treatments that work even better to reduce inflammation and promote overall well-being. Cryotherapy has been proven to relieve inflammation due to injuries and certain health conditions by accelerating the body’s ability to repair itself.

How Cryotherapy Fights Inflammation

During whole body cryotherapy, your entire body from the neck down is cooled in a chamber as cold as -240 degree Fahrenheit for two to three minutes. Exposing your body to freezing conditions forces it to enter emergency survival mode. To keep the body functioning, blood rushes to your core to protect your internal organs. Endorphins, adrenaline, hormones, and enzymes are mass produced to better oxygenate and nourish your blood.

Once you leave the chamber, your body continues to normalize. Your exterior blood vessels expand, allowing blood to rush back to exterior regions of the body, such as your skin and extremities. The entire process aims to increase circulation and optimally oxygenate blood. In turn, cryotherapy treatment accelerates the healing process which improves joint function, diminishes pain, and reduces inflammation.

Cryotherapy Treats Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Cryotherapy was initially developed to treat the uncomfortable side effects associated with certain conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Today, the revolutionary treatment can benefit individuals suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions, including those struggling with chronic pain. If you can handle the cold, you can reap the benefits of cryotherapy.

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