Cryotherapy is a controversial beauty treatment that claims to help you lose weight, improve sleep, slow aging, and boost athletic performance. While whole body cryotherapy (WBC) appears advantageous, many people want to know if it’s actually helpful or just another fad.

How Does Cryotherapy Feel?

Ever wonder what -280 degrees Fahrenheit feels like? During the first minute, you feel immense cold. The release of liquid nitrogen causes you to shiver uncontrollably as the white smoke fills the chambers from all sides.

As you jump around not only to warm up but also to avoid frostbite, you’ll feel your blood rushing to your core to protect your vital organs. By the second minute, you may experience an adrenaline rush that gets you through those last bitter cold seconds.

What Does Cryotherapy Cost?

One session of cryotherapy will run you between $50 and $100, depending on where you go. Each session typically spans two to three minutes. Many clinics offer special pricing in the form of discount packages or monthly memberships for repeat visitors.

Is Cryotherapy Really Worth It?

You may be wondering why anyone would willingly undergo a beauty treatment that subjects their naked flesh to bone-chilling sub-zero temperatures. While cryotherapy isn’t for everyone, it can have some significant benefits. If you suffer from inflammation due to an illness or injury, it may improve joint function and relieve pain. For athletes, cryotherapy has been deemed an effective tool in accelerating recovery.

Top beauty gurus have endorsed it and many athletes swear by it. Cryotherapy has the ability to improve your looks and enhance your health. As whole body cryotherapy becomes more affordable, it’s believed to be worth the price to achieve its short and long-term benefits.