Whole body cryotherapy combats this biological response by constricting blood vessels which decreases inflammation. As blood is drawn to the core during treatment, it’s cleansed of toxins, making it nutrient- and oxygen-rich to promote healing. Endorphins are also released into the blood to induce immediate pain relief.

How Cryotherapy Reduces Inflammation

When tissues or cells suffer damage, inflammation occurs as the body attempts to protect itself by removing the threatening stimuli and commencing the healing process. Inflammation then triggers the receptors associated with pain. Chemical changes at a cellular level cause blood vessels to dilate and tissues to warm and swell.

Cryotherapy Chronic Inflammation Treatment Works Fast

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to harmful stimuli like injury and infection. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation is often accompanied by pain which can vary from mild to debilitating. Whole body cryotherapy is a safe and quick way to reduce inflammation and pain while speeding up the healing process.

Treat Chronic Inflamation With Cryotherapy

In short, whole body cryotherapy provides a major boost to the immune system which encourages the body to naturally heal itself. Best of all, a session of whole body cryotherapy takes just a few short minutes and you can see positive results after just one treatment.

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